• The Firm

    Our maxim is our service and satisfied clients, for which, far from impersonal law-firms with endless divisions, we have created a firm in which we offer a personalised service and treatment and we care about the lawyer-client relationship that is struck up at the beginning of a case. Although each lawyer who starts a case sees it through to the end, he also handles it in close collaboration with the rest of the team who, through regular meetings, keep themselves informed and contribute opinions on each case. In this way, we obtain an overall view of each case with different points of view from the various members of the firm and see the way to safeguard our client’s interests with the greatest guarantees possible.

    Just as each client is unique, each law firm is unique. What sets RR Abogados apart has much to do with the quality of our relationships, both with our clients and with each other. We are large enough to handle the most challenging and sophisticated legal matters, yet small enough to recognize and appreciate the individuality of each of our clients, lawyers and staff. This gives us the freedom to practice law based on our individual strengths and, more importantly, allows us to focus fully on our clients, offering the exceptional service they deserve.

    Quality legal representation by professionals with diverse experience and a solid track record. A code of conduct that epitomises integrity, efficiency and effectiveness. These are the hallmarks of RR Abogados.

    Since our inception, RR Abogados has successfully competed for top-flight legal work with the larger firms in this market and nationally. We do so not only with our reputation for legal excellence, but also with keen business sense, commitment to service, an investment in client relationships and a problem-solving approach to law.

  • Our People

    Our team of experienced, dynamic, dedicated and pragmatic professionals are committed to meeting our clients’ requirements without compromising integrity and quality.

    Many of our lawyers have been recognised as leaders in their respective fields.

  • Vision

    Innovative and forward thinking, we are at the forefront of legal trends and evolution.
    Understanding our clients' needs and meeting the challenges of the business world without compromising on integrity or quality, our goal is to consistently provide viable solutions for the real world with a practical and results oriented approach.

    Our strong commitment to legal excellence and to our clients makes us a firm of choice for clients with challenging and important legal problems.

    Our attorneys bring extraordinary judgment and legal ability to bear on clients' problems, ultimately achieving practical, workable solutions.

    Our commercial lawyers bring exceptional business acumen and practical experience to legal matters.
    From helping clients access the capital markets to dealing with difficult personnel issues, we pride ourselves on offering practical and effective ways to avoid problems and provide solutions.

    Our people share this vision and thrive in this challenging environment.



RR ABOGADOS is a Spanish law firm with an international client base.
Our lawyers endeavour to provide insightful, practical and commercial legal advice at competitive rates.
Our core practice areas include: Real Estate Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Administrative Law, Inheritance Law, and other services.

Please view the following individual practice areas for further information:


Real Estate Law

It is no secret that the southern part of Europe has experienced a growth in the real-estate sector, especially on the Costa del Sol where our offices are located. For this reason, and to guarantee that this kind of transaction is legally sound, especially for those clients who, being foreigners, are not familiar with Spanish legislation, we can offer a full service in this field, not only handling the purely legal aspects of the transaction (whether there are any encumbrances on the property and how to have them removed, the drawing up and perusal of sales contracts, title deeds and registration in the Land Registry, change of owner’s name in the “Cadaster” register, declaration of total assets, withholdings, etc.) but also all those formalities that facilitate the purchase of a new home and making it operative (such as contracting services, telephone line, payment of Town Hall rates and taxes, taking out comprehensive insurance cover, etc....) Logically, the fact of being a non-resident at the time of purchasing a home alters the circumstances of the transaction and the legal requisites to be met, therefore it is always recommended to be well advised, in order to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience in the future.

The current Spanish system, based on a close collaboration with Lawyers, Notaries and the Land Registry, offers you maximum legal security. You should take advice before signing any document or receipt, and also before handing over any money, even for a deposit, etc.

These are some of the most important aspects that you should be aware of in order to have the maximum guarantee when purchasing a property:

* Preliminary Formalities
* Official Title Deeds
* Taxation Aspects


Commercial Law

Our services regarding companies, whether Spanish or foreign business companies or civil corporations, cover all aspects from their incorporation to their maintenance, including the administration in some cases, accounts, capital increases, dissolution, liquidation and sale. It is well-known that this kind of legal instrument can be very advantageous when used in some commercial activity.


At RR Abogados we have a team of highly qualified administrative lawyers with many years of experience in advising government and private clients about rights to challenge government decisions. Our team's experience in this field is comprehensive and is usually only found in the large law firms.  Our team includes lawyers with public sector experience at senior levels.

We currently work for a number of large clients in this field, a number of Local and Regional Government departments and some highly successful private companies which rely on government licenses to operate their businesses.

We provide advice and representation on a variety of matters where the statutory framework determines rights and obligations.

Our work for private individuals has included matters where medical procedures and health issues were involved, work for educational institutions challenging government decisions relating to their operations, and numerous decisions challenging the exercise of discretions by government.

Our administrative lawyers have extensive skills and experience that assist in guiding clients through the legal and regulatory elements of business including specifically advising in respect of decisions made by public bodies.

Such advice falls into the categories of advising individuals making claims, public bodies defending claims, and public bodies in the decision-making process. We have advised our clients in respect of risk management and compliance to avoid administrative law breaches.


Administering someone's estate after they pass on and trying to ensure that their wishes are adhered to can be a complicated and stressful process. The procedure requires a great deal of skill and communication, particularly where documentation from jurisdictions are required. At RR Abogados we are able to provide advice covering Spain, ensuring we can fully protect your interests here.

For instance, Inheritance tax in the UK is compulsory for anyone who inherits a property and is applied at the same rate. In Spain however, a spouse or partner may not need to pay inheritance tax on all of the deceased's possessions and the rate of taxation varies according to the nature of the relationship.

RR Abogados can provide a sympathetic and understanding ear at these sad and stressful times. Ensuring that the wishes of the deceased are adhered to as much as possible is one of our top priorities as well as making sure that your wishes and needs are fairly represented.

In this subject not only do we handle the distribution of estate for our clients, but also all assets awarded in this respect, and we strongly recommend our foreign clients to draw up a will in Spain for any assets in their hereditary estate that are located in Spain, in order to facilitate the succession when that inevitable moment arrives.


Global Tramitacíon offers the following services:

  • • Administrative assistance to mortgage process for financial institutions
  • • Cancellation of possible charges on properties
  • • Judicial documents
  • • Legal assistance for loan/mortgage operations
  • • Numerous sorts of administrative processes before public and private institutions
  • • NIE number application
  • • Assistance for all utilities companies such as registering the contract into your name and organizing direct debit settlement with your Spanish bank account
  • • Handling of public documents:

  •    - Main Business Registry
  •    - Business Registries
  •    - Land Property Registry
  •    - Civil Registry
  •    - Last Will Certificate
  •    - Police
  •    - Town Hall
  •    - Brand Name and Patents
  •    - Limited Companies
GLOBAL TRAMITACIÓN also includes a Fiscal and an Employment department that offers the following services:


This department will inform you about your fiscal obligations and deal with VAT and withholding tax to be presented and settled.

This department also provides advice and preparation for your personal tax income for both companies and private individuals independently, whether you are a resident or a non-resident. It will also provide all the necessary documents to be issued, signed, legalized, and to be registered for companies (annual accounts, accountant books, balances…). A report can also be presented, if required.


Our employment department deals with Contracts, Social Security issues, Registry of both companies and self employed individuals at the Social Security Institution, and Employee Registration with the Social Security office.



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